COST: $500 per 10x10 (industry)

            $1000 per 10x10 (non industry)

            $100 per corner

Bulk - Dealer space: $1.50 per sq ft. - 1000 sq ft  min

We are very excited about all of the changes for this years show.  We took a hard look at what we felt needed to be improved and implemented an aggressive plan focused on retail selling.  From a more stream line floorpan, to red carpet on every aisle, both the exhibitor and the attendees will have a better overall experience visually, while enjoying all of the features and amenities.


We also adjusted and increased our advertising budget which now reaches a larger market area.  We targeted groups of consumers looking for the big ticket items like RV's, Boats, and Powersports products.  These are the same groups that drive all outdoor product sales, which means more retail sales for you.  

Thank you for your patronage and support and please feel free to contact us with any ideas or comments.

Advanced Expo Shows Inc.

Dave Marquart




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